Shugorei is Nozomi Omote and Thomas Green

Shugorei is a sparkling, invigorating, highly adventurous music duo featuring live percussion and electronics, with key performers Nozomi Omote and Thomas Green, often augmented by a selection of classical instruments and guests.  Combining unusually diverse influence including IDM and classical music, Shugorei is uniquely, distinctly vivacious.     Vibraphone, digital samples, analogue synthesis, drums and bricolage come together in painstakingly composed and improvised instrumental works.   Additionally, Shugorei has a cross-cultural aspect;  Nozomi Omote explores a melding of Western musicianship with her Japanese background.  Likewise, Thomas Green’s music draws on a globe-spanning array of influence.

2019年に結成された守護霊は、パーカッションとエレクトロニクスを一緒にした画期的なデゥオ。メンバーは 表希(ノズ)とトーマス・グリーン(トム)。IDM(インテリジェント・ダンス・ミュージック)やクラシック音楽を含む多様な分野を組み合わせた守護霊は、独自の音楽世界を繰り広げます。ビブラフォン、デジタルサンプル、アナログシンセサイザー、ドラム、寄せ集めや日常生活の音などを入り混ぜ、緻密に構成された即興の器楽作品を創作。さらに、守護霊は異文化の融合、ノズの日本文化とトムの西洋文化を織り交ぜた音楽世界を探求中。作曲家でもあるトムの音楽は世界中に影響を広くもたらしています。

Nozomi Omote is a classically trained percussionist with multiple divergent interests, including her own characteristic style of improvisation.  Nozomi has worked with orchestras around Australia, including QSO and MSO.  She received the Hokuriku young performer prize and the Ishikawa prefecture new artist scholarship in 2004, and the Griffith Award for Academic Excellence in 2005.


Thomas Green is a composer and performer of electronic and instrumental music, who combines a classical training with decades of experiments with electronic forms.  Thomas’s music has been premiered around the world, in the UK, Italy, France, Croatia and China.  Besides Shugorei, Thomas writes for classical groups locally and abroad, and has created arrangements and original compositions for Josh Pyke and Katie Noonan.