The Sounds of Chow Gar

We are entering creative development for a new musical production this year. Three expert Chow Gar (kung fu) practitioners, from The Australian School of Kung Fu and Tai Chi, will perform traditional Chinese martial forms, which are then set to music for percussion, electronics and string quartet.

The forms are captured videographically. The cinematic results, in ultrahigh resolution, feature the sounds of breathing, hearbeats, and footwork. Innovative, energetic, dance-like music is carefully composed around the visuals and physiological sounds, with respect to motion and latent timings.

This cross-media audio-visual work will be released in early 2024. The second phase of the project is live performances. This involves cinematic projection of the kung fu visuals, accompanied by live musicians on-stage, who, with utmost precision, map their timing and performance to the kung fu forms and sounds.

We are seeking expressions of interest from organisations and venues who would like to host this work in 2024 and beyond. Please get in touch. If you want to be kept informed about the project’s development, feel welcome to join our mailing list. Browse our website for more information about Shugorei, and listen to our music here.

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