Shugorei’s Plans. . .

Well. . . . firstly you should know we’re working on an album. It’s almost finished. It’s fair to say that the situation with the Covid virus in 2020 has slowed us down. But it has not stopped us. We have just a few more instruments to record, including bass clarinet and flute. Then we’re done! So stick with us (hit subscribe on our page if you’re interested!)

Once we release our first album, we’re immediately moving on to new material. We have two related projects underway. Nozomi is composing some music based on traditional Japanese songs, and we hope to bring this to you soon.

We also want to create a brand new work called “The Sounds of Our Place.” Our plan is simple – we’ll ask members of the community in Kanazawa and Brisbane to record videos and sounds from their place – around the town, or maybe a song, a river, a bird, or any sound they find interesting. We plan to take these recordings (from our friends in Kanazawa and Brisbane), and knit them together into a single musical work for live performance (including video). We’ll be in touch with you about how this exciting plan progresses.

In the mean time, you might enjoy some more of our rehearsal footage, photos, or check out the very first project that Tom and Noz worked on together, called City Pattern!

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