A video clip? A storyboard emerges. . .

Musicians can’t pay a fancy animation studio. Animators are gems, and we know it can take hundreds of hours to do even a minute of animation. For us, the truth is, if we want it done we’re going to have to do it ourselves. The medium is going to be stop motion paper art (a bit like origami) with some quasi rotoscoping. Is this a crazy dream? Maybe! Honestly, we’re not sure how this particular crazy scheme is going to work out. Tom is great at animating, but there are only so many hours in the day. . .

That said, the music is finished! “In the can,” as they say. And this particular song is so, SOOOO good. We can hardly wait to share it with you. It is an actual song, beautifully sung by our dear friend Chihiro Kasagi (she has such a beautiful voice). Don’t worry, you’ll get to hear it soon. Not just yet, but soon!

In the mean time, maybe we can share this with you. It’s some of Tom’s drawings for the storyboard. We’ve put it with the music (although we can’t share that yet). This is the story:

Girl is exploring a forest. She looks at her hands and they are transparent (who knows why??). She has a locket, and in it there is a broken heart. She comes across a bright light, that turns into a tiger (very similar to that “tyger” described by William Blake). It runs, and she runs away from it. She trips and falls, but the tiger does not attack her. She explores more, the “tyger” comes and goes, and is very bright (in the forests of the night!). At the end of the song, when the tyger dares to come nearer, her heart locket is repaired, but she must dissappear into the night.

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